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Behind every strong man stands a strong woman

Long time ago the things on Earth were simple.
There were One And All Land and One And All Water.
There was wind and only some ferns, far relatives of today’s Ginko Biloba, conifers and some more plants which produce seeds.
The little swimmers which possess highly developed sense organs felt also very well in One Water.
There were no humans.
Some meteors came down from the the sky, some volcanos have released strange gases, there was a big catastrophy and a big climate change killed most of life on the planet.


…are  230 millions years old, they emerged in the Mesozoic Era, in the Triassic episode of the Earth when Pan Gaia broke up and the little inhabitants of the Panthalassa left their houses in the rocks for ever. But the fishes, pines, yew, firs, redwood, ferns luckily for us survived the Big Dying.

The Berchtesgaden Alps are situated a bit in Bavaria and a bit in Austria and there, there is a rocky family:


The Wimbach Valley under the Watzmann West Face:


The route to the Wimbach Hut:


Watzmann, The West Face

Watzmann, The West Face


The Big Watzmann with his 2713m highness is the third (some say the second) highest giant in Germany and is in a good mood for climbers and hikers all over the year even covered with snow. It’s a man ;).

The Watzmann Wife, 2307m, is not easy to reach and you can climb this female peak only in spring and summer. Of course there are always some kind of supermen. In between are the so called Watzmann Children, the five lower summits.

Behind every strong man stands a strong woman. 😉

There are many wonderful hiking, climbing and via ferrata routes around and to the Watzmann, the most difficult climb is the East Face and it starts from the Könnigssee. Herman Buhl made his preparation training for the Nanga Parbat in 1953. when he climbed the East Face by night. Since then about hundert people have left their lives in the Watzmann East Face.

The Wimbachgries Hut and the routes. You will mostly need much less time than given on the distance sings, but.. about Bavarians and their extremely active life style… you can be fit how ever you want but you have no chance, they will overtake you with extremely lightness and energy  :).




Watzmann West Face and the rock slides.
The rocks are continuously moving and collapsing. The last rock collaps was reported in 1963 in Bavaria.
The Berchtesgaden Alps are formations of limestone and dolomite. Some chains of this chains are today even human property. How someone can posses Earth?



Time in space

Time in space

The route to the Kühroints Hut goes on the easy mount ridge, through the woods, it ends on the open road and it is described as a moderate. Wonderful scenes. The winter roses are all over in the woods.

Watzmann from the East

Watzmann from the East

Watzmann view from the East  


KührointshütteThe Kühroints Hut is the starting point to the Watzmann Hut and the famous Watzmann Ridge Traverse. There are two climbing routes from this point, one is known and singed and another is extremely demanding, not singed and it is kept as “secret”.

Route to Archenkanzel

Route to Archenkanzel

Love is in the snow ;).
The Archenkanzel gives a wonderful view on the fogy Koennings Lake and the majestic Schoenfledspitze  right before the darkness.




Totaly darkness in the woods on the way to the Lake.
The silence is tearing ears appart. Divine silence. Answers all the questions.


The Route To The Grünstein, 1304m

… starts at the Lake. Fog, houses of my little friends, amazing trees and their roots and snow roses talk their stories teaching us. In the German Alps there are no bears so far, the last one was shot more than 150 years ago. In Austria they made a comeback in the 60’s and today they feel good between Linz and Vienna. In others Alps there are bears as well.


     Fogy silence    



There is no one who will not arrive to the little but very steep summit totally sweated :). A wonderful wide view from Grünstein at one afternoon right at the beginning of the year 2016.
Beauty of age.

          Grünstein and Watzmann

On the Grünstein is based a German “fake satellite”, a test-brother of the GPS. It is called the GATE.
This place is a starting point to the via feratta, the so called Isidor. Here you will need a good physical and mental condition together with climbing equipment. The wooden hanging bridge is part of the climbing route.
In the Berchtesgaden Land a woodcraft is famous and in the woods you will very often meet wooden owls or other birds and animals. One perfectly peaceful chamois was standing steady on the edge and looking from far I was thinking it was one of those wooden tricky things in the woods, continued my looking around, but then I looked again at the same edge and than  I saw two chamois. Sweet little things :).


Somewhere left on the picture behind the clouds and between the mountains lies Salzburg.
The bobsled run and the Lake.
And the Watzmann Family.





Why the “Watzmann Family”?    watzmann

Long time ago there was a king who didn’t like people and animals so much and together with his family he was treating people and animals following his feelings. The higher power decided to transform him and his family into stone.



Time in space.
Rocks. Water. Air. Light.
230 millions years ago.
Beauty of age.

Without wind, light, forests, water there will be no us. And the first us, as we today behave and act, appeared on the planet only 200 000 years ago. We also have a evolutional name: Homo sapiens sapiens, which means not only simply wise but double wise, super, incredibly, amazingly, unbeatable wise humans.

Those species have done great things but are unfortunately also unbeatable in killing the own race. They are able to change the climate indeed faster than nature should do itself, but however the nature has own laws and the climate change is no new thing in the evolution of this planet.
We humans came on the Earth to be part of everything and we also posses hidden supernatural powers which even our own rational mind can not capture. The opportunity to find the truth is given to each of us jet a very few people have true experience with those things.
However, everyone has the right to live his own life as he thinks, wants or can. There is always a opportunity.

Wonderful opportunities on the wonderful planet.

Thank you mother Earth and all great hearts and minds.